Old Mission's So Art Deco, CGC CHIC
DOB 8-16-18
Angelheart's Time Traveler @ Old Mission, CHIC
Trila's Color Outside The Lines @ Old Mission, GGC, CHIC

OFA Eyes Normal
OFA Heart Normal
OFA Hips Good
OFA Thyroid Normal
OFA Full Dentition

Zelda has the sweetest and most gentle temperament, we just adore her! She is best friends with our tiny 4lb toy fox terrier. She is very fast and athletic.
Unfortunately this winter she had a freak accident with ice and sliced open the bottom of her foot completely open. Resulting in cut tendons that made her foot/toes flat. It has no impact on her health or functionality other than her gait being ever so slightly off now but would severely detract from her chances in the show ring.