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Old Mission Danes is located in Southeast Michigan

AKC Breeder of Merit, Member of the Great Dane Club of America, multiple time President and Vice President of the Great Dane Club of Michigan and certified by Breeder-Rescue Certification


I have loved and admired the breed since a child. We however have owned Great Danes since 2001. Our first introduction in owning the breed was with poorly backyard bred pets (before knowing any better) and then volunteered and coordinated with a Giant breed rescue and also successfully fostered/rehabilitated and placed several dogs in new homes on our own time and funds.

After our family suffering the repeated heartbreak, emotional and financial toll of poorly bred dogs living short, miserable lifespans with insurmountable vet bills and iffy temperaments, we then moved over to purchasing only from responsible reputable breeders who have the breeds future and best interest at heart. The difference has been remarkable in the health, temperament, beauty and longevity. The generations of careful breeding compounds and stacks the odds in favor of a healthy, well rounded pet. There are never any guarantees in life, but we prefer to have the best odds stacked in our favor. We then started showing Great Danes since I have always had a high interest in dog shows since a child and wanted more involvement in the breed and with the sport of purebred dogs. 

We then bred our first litter in 2007. We breed for Quality not Quantity and believe in focusing equally on Temperament, Type, Soundness and Health and not sacrificing one for the other and never settling on mediocrity and the hard work shows in the consistent quality and success of our very limited breeding program. Each litter is planned with the goal to preserve the breed and improve upon every generation, never going backwards. We do not breed for fads or gimmicks, we stick to the wisdom of the tried and true Great Dane standard as our blueprint for classic, distinguishable, timeless breed type. All puppies in a litter benefit from a careful breeding program. Show and companion puppies exude classic breed type, have good structure to carry them into old age with grace, good temperaments to build upon and benefit in health and longevity. We typically breed for ourselves to continue our line and place the rest of the litter into companion homes. There are no guarantees even the most promising show puppy will turn out, so a lifelong loving home is our first priority before show records or number of champions.

We pride ourselves on breeding very versatile Danes who can do any job asked of them and who have the proper temperament and structure to carry out any task or venue in which their owners wish to be involved with.

Our dogs have garnered Multiple Bests in Show, Multiple Reserve Bests in Show, Multiple Top 20 Ranked, Multiple UKC Bests in Show, Multi Working Group Winning, Multi BISS winning and are ranked in Breed, All Breed and Owner Handler Series Standings. Have been awarded OFA Champion of Health and GDCA Hall of Fame. Multiple dogs bred by us are certified therapy dogs, compete/titled in obedience, rally, agility, canine good citizen and have trick dog titles. We also have dogs abroad with successful show careers and litters sired overseas by our stud dogs. Our dogs also take up dog modeling/acting/TV appearances on occasion.

While our dogs have received many accolades, it's such a small part of their life, they are ALL are cherished family pets first and foremost! 

 We recently have taken a pause from showing to focus on building my business and our kids activities/busy schedules at this time. We may revisit it later on when we have more time again. Going forward we will only be having a litter when our very tight schedule allows. Probably once every 2-3 years.


We offer lifetime breeder support for all dogs we bred and are always available to help with any issue or concern. We also have access to a large network of long time expert breeders and veterinarians to tap into as needed. We have a strict (no judgement) return clause should the owner no longer be able to keep them at any time for any reason. All are microchipped before leaving with us as a primary contact should they ever slip through the cracks and end up in a shelter or rescue so we can be responsible for them if it ever arises. All companion puppies are AKC Limited registration and strict non-breeding contract. Show potential puppies are available to approved show homes who will be actively showing, terms vary based on experience. 

On average we breed 0 to 1 litters a year.


We adhere to the GDCA Breeder Code of Ethics and are a AKC Breeder of Merit.


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