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TriLa's Color Outside the Lines @ Old Mission NTD, CGC, CHIC

National Specialty winning, BIF, MBISS GCH Windy City-Orion's Guitar Hero, HOF x BrekenMld Just a Small Town Girl "Journey"

 CHIC # 124233

OFA Page 

Pennhip Hips Normal

OFA Thyroid Normal

OFA Heart Normal

OFA Eyes Normal

OFA Full dentition

Phaedra has received her novice trick dog title (NTD) from 'Do more with your dog' and currently knows 20 tricks and counting. She also loves to play hide and seek with our children. She is a extremely intelligent, vocal, spunky girl with loads of personality. Phaedra is so smart, for whatever reason she's decided the conformation show ring is just not her thing, she does not enjoy it at all and has made up her mind. We have tried multiple times ourselves then as a last resort we sent her off with a handler for several weeks which unfortunately made her just hate it even more. If at some point she changes her mind about the show ring we will certainly revisit it. She is completely comfortable everywhere else.

Phaedra is a remarkable, doting, gentle mother and beautiful producer.

*Pictured 4 weeks and up*

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