*No Puppies available at this time*

UPDATE-The inquiries during Covid have been very overwhelming, I also need to update my application to a new platform to better organize. I will email everyone that has inquired over the last few months once I have the new application ready. Sorry about the non response to the numerous emails.

We have these possible upcoming breedings planned, exact timing depends on mother nature....

Late Summer 2020 Rosie (Fawns and maybe Brindles)

Fall 2020 Zelda (Harlequin, Merle, Mantle, Black, Piebald)

Spring 2021 Phaedra (Harlequin, Merle, Mantle, Black, Piebald)

All parents are/will be fully OFA health tested/normal.

 Our priority is loving, committed forever homes that have fully researched the breed and its unique requirements. Including dietary, training and health. Who are committed to raising a Great Dane in the most beneficial way possible so that the puppy may grow up into its full potential.

Going forward will be taking deposits for approved homes so as to better organize our list so we may focus our line of communication with serious committed homes. As you can imagine we get numerous inquiries daily and it takes a tremendous amount of time fielding all the emails, so we are changing how we do things moving forward to focus our time wisely. Deposits show commitment on both the buyer and the breeders behalf.

If you'd like to learn more about the breed visit our LINKS page and our ARTICLES page

We will not reply to one-liner emails as we get numerous amounts of these daily. Tell us a little about yourself and what you are looking for to receive a puppy application. We check our email 2-3 times a week so give us a few days to get back to you.


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*WE DO NOT SHIP, We do not take payments, we do not accept Paypal or credit cards*

Sire and dams are wonderful examples of the breed, sound of mind and body, free from health issues, are from prestigious pedigrees, fully health tested/normal with all passing results that can be verified on www.OFA.org and have wonderful temperaments. We go above and beyond in how we rear our puppies. All litters are raised in the home with the Puppy culture protocols and the Rules of 7. With children and other animals. In a clean, comfortable, stimulating and spacious setting with potty breaks outside to get a jump on potty training. Puppies are started on clicker training and exposed to crates, car rides and leashes. Are well mannered, socialized and exposed to many sights, scents, sounds, animals and situations to get a head start and make their transition as easy as possible.

~Please view our Visitation Policy before requesting a visit~

We occasional know of adults available, have returned puppies/dogs for adoption and occasionally assist others in rehoming.
We are also looking for area guardian homes for some of our breeding/show stock from time to time. Email for info and terms.

ALL companion puppies go on a strict non breeding spay/neuter contract and AKC limited registration. 

 Puppies are vet checked and deemed healthy and sound before leaving with documentation, wormed, negative fecal and are microchipped with prepaid lifetime registration with us as the primary contact should any ever slip through the cracks and end up at a shelter. Puppies come with 30 days of Pet insurance. It's highly recommended that you purchase and maintain health insurance for the life of your pet. We follow the science behind the Dr Dodds reduced vaccine protocol
We no longer crop puppies ears prior to departure, if you prefer a crop, we can recommend a skilled veterinarian. Cropped ears can take up to 2 years of religious taping/posting before the ears stand and require quite a commitment, which most people don't realize before cropping.

Cropped puppies must also be removed away from mom and the litter to heal and miss out on valuable lessons and milestones.

Puppies come with lifetime access to our google drive with a plethora of articles, tips, recommendations and a well thought out puppy packet 

Email: OldMissionDanes@gmail.com

~Past Litter Pics~